Glass Ceilings Shattered

by Maria Siciliano //

First woman to… is all you hear as glass shards fall to the floor. 
Trailblazing, innovating, and mold-breaking
Are the womxn who shatter glass ceilings
And stand in places never stood in by womxn before. 
And the womxn who defend, uphold, and guard their worth,
Are the same ones in living rooms and at dinner tables
Listening to the not qualified…deserving…capable…
Always there to pick up the glass shards, found scattered on the floor. 
First Female, Black, and South Asian-American 
Madam Vice President, Kamala Harris
“We not only see what has been, we see what can be”
But just not her…people don’t like her
And we forge on, gathering up the pieces – we are not held back anymore. 
First Female to officiate a Super Bowl
NFL Official, Sarah Thomas
“Now that’s how you tackle a glass ceiling”
She made absolutely terrible calls…
Onwards, but watch where you step. 
Both trailblazing and glass-ceiling-breaking 
Are the womxn who lead the way.
And we pick up the shards and follow close behind
To leave a safe path, for all womxnkind.