Creative Nonfiction

Dear X: An Open Letter to Misogynistic Men

by Miya Kuramoto // The letter below is addressed to all of the Xs of the world that harass women for no good reason. Dear X, I am sick and tired of making excuses for you; blaming myself to rationalize your behavior. I am done watching you abuse the power that you hold as a […]

Creative Featured Nonfiction

Hi My Name Is [Mee-ya]

by Miya Kuramoto // A solo-performance written and performed by Miya herself. Winner of the Solo Performance category of the 2020 Heermans-McCalmon Competition. Full Transcription: My name is Miya. That is spelled M-I-Y-A. Sometimes when I go to the doctors office I see in my charts that they write down [Mee-ya], M-E-E-Y-A. You know that […]

Creative Satire

Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Higher Education

As a woman and a current Cornell undergraduate, I feel that I am an extremely qualified source when it comes to explaining why women shouldn’t be allowed into higher education. Now, perhaps that sentence shocks you. Perhaps there are even those of you who would argue that, given the privilege I have been afforded, my […]