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The Secret is Out: Someone IS Watching You When You’re Alone

by Leio Koga // This piece was originally published in Issue 1: Secret Edition (Spring 2022). To see past print publications, click here. Another swipe of mascara and her lashes look voluminous and flirty. Another flick of black eyeliner and her eyes look bigger and more striking. Another line of light gloss and her lips look […]

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The Glasses Off Makeover Trope

by Aditi Hukerikar // We’ve all seen it in at least one movie. The awkward, nerdy girl realizes the lack of attention towards her, especially from the men in her life, and decides to drastically change her looks. She takes off her glasses, puts on more makeup, and suddenly, everyone around her notices how gorgeous […]

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Reminder: All Cosplayers Deserve Respect

by Aditi Hukerikar // After transitioning to a virtual format due to the pandemic, comic conventions are finally returning to their former glory. October 7-10 of this year, droves of fans eagerly attended New York Comic-Con. Sadly, along with the return of Comic-Con comes another pre-pandemic occurrence: the criticism women face for cosplaying at conventions. […]